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In her unique one-to-one style, Dr Weekes talks directly to the reader through the pages of her books in simple, easy to understand language, so that the sufferer with a tired mind can more easily take the information in.   Her books are recommended by doctors and clinics all over the world.

Dr Weekes' books are published by Thorsons, a division of Harper Collins Publishers, 77-85 Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith, London W6 8JB. Tel: 0208 741 7070, and are available from good bookshops everywhere as well as on line.  Please note: Pacific Recordings do not sell Dr.Weekes ' books. The two books currently in print in the UK are:


ISBN 0-7225-3155-9

In this international bestseller, Dr Claire Weekes dispels the mystery surrounding nervous illness - the anxiety state.   She explains how simply it can begin and gives a practical programme for its cure.   This book covers all forms of nervous illness from simple 'nerves' through panic attacks and nervous fatigue to more difficult problems such as phobias, obsessions, and depression and how to recover from them.

The definitive book on self help for nervous problems.Many people recovering from nervous illness refer to this book as their 'bible'


(a new double book combining two previously published books - More Help for your Nerves and Peace from Nervous Suffering under one cover)

ISBN 0-7225-4013-2

More Help for your Nerves covers all forms of nervous illness, and Peace from Nervous Suffering, also covers all forms of nervous illness, and in particular, and very extensively, agoraphobia.   This new edition offers great insight into nervous suffering as Dr Weekes explores the common and inevitable pattern of its development, and offers a practical programme for recovery.   A fully comprehensive and easy to read guide to help you understand and conquer nervous problems including:tension, anxiety, panic attacks, nervous fatigue, phobias, agoraphobia, obsessions, depression and coping with setbacks.An excellent companion to Dr Weekes' international bestseller Self Help for your Nerves

Other books Dr Weekes has written - SIMPLE EFFECTIVE TREATMENT OF AGORAPHOBIA and THE LATEST HELP FOR YOUR NERVES - are now out of print in the UK but may still be available in libraries or by mail order from Claire Weekes Publications in Australia.

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